Math 421

January 14

Complete questions 1-10 on the box-and-whisker worksheet.  Entrance slip on box-and-whisker on Monday!  You will have a test on sampling methods, bias, measures of central tendency, box-and-whisker, and probabiliy on Thursday! 

January 7

Students completed an exit-slip on 8.1 today in class.  Homework includes completing the worksheet on 8.1 as well as studying for the quiz on 8.1 for Monday.

January 5

Welcome back!  Today we finished up the Trig unit and will begin data management/probability tomorrow.  The last chapter of the semester!!!!

The re-write for the slope test was held today at lunch. 

December 17

Students will be taking home a worksheet booklet on Slope to review over the break.

Next week we will be doing an exit-slip/quiz on trigonometry as well as looking at some word problems that involve trig. 

Trig assignments were handed out today and are due on Tuesday.

December 9

Today we finished up similar triangles and completed an exit slip on the material.  Next week we will be looking at trigonometric ratios.

Enjoy your long weekend!

November 25

Chapter 6 Assignments due at 9:00am on Monday!!!!!

We will finish up parallel/perpendicular lines as well as the slope-intercept lab on Monday. 

Chapter 6 Test on Wednesday!!!!!

November 23

We started slope-intercept form (6.6) today.  We will be finishing this section and doing a lab as well on it over the next two days.  Students can expect an assignment and a chapter 6 test next week.  Reminder:  foldables are due on the day of the chapter test!

November 18

We are moving through chapter 6 on slope.  Chapter 6 foldables will be due on the day of the test…which should be towards the end of next week!

November 1

We took a look at linear relations today and briefly started nonlinear relations.  Homework for tonight is to complete the problems on section 5.2.  Quiz on 5.1 and 5.2 Wednesday.

October 29

Today we started chapter 5 on Relations and Functions.  We discussed relations, domain, and range today.  If you did not submit the worksheet on section 5.1 in class today, it is due AT THE BEGINNING of class on Monday!  Any foldables not submitted as of today are now subject to a -40% deduction!

October 26

Assignments due immediately tomorrow morning!  Problems from pgs 130-131 should be look ed at tonight as well!  Tomorrow will be a review/test prep day.  Foldables due on Thursday!  Be sure to include tabs such as “difference of square”, “perfect square trinomial”.

October 25

Today we learned how to factor trinomials (3.8) and began section 3.9 as well.  Pg. 127 #s 19-55 odd assigned for homework.  Also, students were given their polynomials assignment which they should be working on tonight as it is due by end of class tomorrow!  Extra help at noon on Wednesday.  Chapter 3 test on Thursday.  Also, foldables are due on Thursday!

October 22

We have completed sections 3.1, 3.3, 3.4, and 3.6 on Polynomials.  Homework for the weekend is pg. 120 #s 11-29 odd, 30-36, 37-41 odd.

Students are working on foldables which include various definitions and types of polynomials, special product rules, etc.  These are due on Thursday of next week.  There will be a test on Chapter 3, Polynomials, on Thursday.  Extra help will be available on Wednesday at lunch.

Please visit the homework page for links that provide extra examples and reinforcement on polynomials.

Have a great weekend!

October 18

We have started working on polynomials.  Check out the link under math links where you can try working with polynomials online!

October 4

We continued with arithmetic sequences today.  There will be an in-class assignment by weeks end and a test on chapter 2 next week on Wednesday.

September 28

Pgs 57-58 #s 1-8, 11a, b, 12 a, b

September 23

Pg. 179-180 #s 9-37 odd, 41, 43, 45-47 due tomorrow.

You will have a short amount of time to complete Pg. 185 # 9-37 odd  and Pg. 186 # 71, 73, 75.  What is not completed in class will be assigned for homework on the weekend.


September 20

Pg. 33 #s 1-21 and 35-43 ALL!

Quiz on Exponent Laws:  Wednesday, Sept. 22nd.


September 17

Math Autobiography due on Monday!

September 16

Chapter 1 Journal Responses due tomorrow!

Chapter 1 Math test tomorrow!  Converting between decimals,f ractions, and percents, order of operations with integers, sections 1.1, 1.3, and 1.4. Practice quizzes online…follow the links!


September 15

Test #1 Friday.

You should be working on your journal responses and your math autobiography, as well as preparing for Friday’s test.

September 14

Autobiography due on Monday, the 20th.

Chapter 1 Journal responses due Friday.

Chapter 1 test Friday.

In-class assignment tomorrow!!!!


September 13

pg. 14 #s 2-13 All

In-class assignment on Wednesday.

Chapter 1 Test: Friday, September 17 (Order of Operations with Integers, Sections 1.1, 1.3, and 1.4).

Chapter 1 Journal responses due on Friday, the 17th.

Math Autobiography due on Monday, September 20th.


September 10

Pgs 8-9 #s 1-43 odd, 49-53 odd, and 54.

Have a great weekend!

September 9

Complete the following for tomorrow:

1.  Order of Operations Worksheet

2.  Integers Graphic Organizer

3.  Integer Worksheet

*  Test on Order of Operations, Integers, 1.1, 1.3, and 1.4 before end of next week.

September 8

Complete the first two sections of the “Order of Operations” worksheet for tomorrow.


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