Chemistry 521

January 7

Complete the worksheet on Intermolecular Forces for homework.  You will have an assignment on chapter 6 as well as a test next week.

January 5

Welcome back!  We are near completion of chapter 6.  You will have a chapter assignment this week and a test on the material early next week.

Intermolecular Forces

Homework for Friday:  Complete worksheet on VSEPR and molecular polarity.  Also, have notes for intermolecular forces up to date.

December 17

Next week we will be finishing up VSEPR and molecule polarity.  We will have a quiz on material covered to date on chapter 6 on Tuesday.

SQ3Rs and Ionic Bond Reading Comprehension worksheets are due by Tuesday at the latest.

December 9

Students worked on their chatper 5 assignments today.  We will finish these up on Monday and review for the test on Tuesday!

Enjoy your long weekend!

November 25

Chapter 4 Assignments due at 8:40am on Monday!

Chapter 4 Test on Tuesday!


November 23

Today we finished up limiting reactants and students completed an exit-slip on the topic.  We will be finishing the chapter with percent/theoretical yield tomorrow.  Students will have an assignment on the chapter and a test can be expected on Wednesday, December 1st.

November 18

Hydrate pre-labs are due today.  Completed hydrate labs due tomorrow.

Quiz on 4.1 Stoichiometry tomorrow.

November 1

Today we finished up percent composition and completed an exit slip on this topic.  Tomorrow we will be looking at empirical formulas.  There will be a quiz on 3.1 and 3.2 Wednesday of this week.

October 29

We finished up our iron copper sulfate lab today.  Labs were submitted during class.  We also started percent composition.  You should have #s 1-4 of the practice problems in 3.1 completed for Monday.

October 26

Test on chapter 2 tomorrow!

October 25

Extra help tomorrow:  11:30-11:50.  Test on chapter 2 Wednesday.  All assignments should be in no later than 8:30am tomorrow morning!

October 22

Homework for Monday is pg. 73 #s 38-43 and Pg. 74 #s 1-4, 6.

Monday we will be doing an in-class assignment which is to be handed in by the end of class.  Some of you have already picked up the assignment to starting working on over the weekend.  We will go over the assignment and review on Tuesday.  The test on chapter 2 is on Wednesday of next week.


October 18

Students are working on molar mass and mole conversions.  We will be finishing this chapter this week so students can expect a chapter assignment and test early next week!

October 4

Test on everything covered since the first day!

Graphic oragnizers on  types of chemical reactions due Wednesday.


September 28

Exit slips on balancing equations were completed in class today.  Great work!

We will continue with decomposition, single-replacement, double-replacement, and combustion reactions tomorrow.

In class assignment on Thursday of this week.  You will have a test on all material covered so far on Tuesday of next week.

September 27

Both worksheets and text problems on balancing equations to be completed for class tomorrow. You will write an exit-slip on this topic before leaving.

Assignment on naming/writing compounds as well as types of chemical reactions by weeks end, as well as a test on everything covered since the first day of class.


September 24

We will continue with balancing equations on Monday and you will have an exit slip on this topic!

We will be looking at another assignment in class this week and a test on this review material should be coming by weeks end or early next week.

September 23

Tomorrow you will have a quiz on writing and naming chemical formulas.

There will be another assignment next week as well as a chapter 1 test.


September 20

If you did not complete your assignment on sections 1.1 and 1.2 in class, it is due at the beginning of class tomorrow.


September 17

In-class assignment on sections 1.1 and 1.2 Monday.

September 16

Pg. 17 # 6

Pg. 20 #s 7 and 8.


September 15

Density Labs are due tomorrow!

September 14

Read over the Density Lab for tomorrow’s lab.


September 13

Density, Specific heat worksheet to be completed for tomorrow.

Pg. 14 # 5.  Complete the chart.


September 10

Please complete the conversions worksheet for Monday’s class.  As well, please bring a calculator so that you can complete the problems on density, specific gravity, and specific heat in class.

Have a great weekend!

September 9

Read pages 9-10.

Find an example of sublimation.

Complete #s 1-3 Page 6 and # 4 on Page 9.

We will complete section 1.1 tomorrow and you will do an exit-slip before leaving class.


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