Biology 521

January 14

Monday we will be doing the frog dissection with a quiz to follow in Tuesday.  We will finish up the respiratory system next week and end the week off with a test on this system! 

Respiratory System

Mechanics of Breathing

Respiratory Health

January 6

The Human Heart

Homework for tomorrow:  pg. 313 #s 1, 2, 5

January 5

Welcome back!  We have begun the circulatory system! 

9.2 Mammalian Circulatory System

December 17

Today we had a test on the digestive system.  If you did not write this test, you must have an excused absence in order to write this next week!

Notes for the excretory system are your responsibility to get.  We will be covering this system next week as well as having a quiz on it on Tuesday.

Excretory System

December 9

6 kingdom foldables were due today!  Anything handed in late is subject to a 20% deduction per day it is late.

Today we began our journey into the digestive system.  We will be having a test on this system on Friday of next week.

Enjoy the long weekend!


November 25

Chapter 5 Test on Monday!

Infectious disease projects due on Monday, as well.

Reflective Summaries on Ultraviolet Radiation  presentation due on Wednesday.

Foldables on the 6 kingdoms will be due by weeks end.


November 23

Please bring your notebook and textbook tomorrow to class as you will be doing an individual, in-class assignment on chapter 5.  So make sure your notes are up to date! 

Chapter 5 test on Monday, November 29th.

Infectious disease projects due Monday, November 29th.

As well, I would like you to do a 2 page, double-spaced, 12 pt, Times New Roman font “Reflective Summary” based on today’s Ultraviolet Radiation presentation. This is due on Wednesday, December 1st. 

November 18

You can expect a test on Chapter 5 on Tuesday of next week.

Infectious disease projects due on November 29th.

Protists concept maps which you will receive tomorrow are due on Monday at the beginning of class.

Please make sure that you are reading the text along with notes given in class.

Also, your 6 kingdom foldable will be due on the day of the chapter 6 test.  Don’t leave this to the last minute.  You should be working on this as we work through each kingdom.  In other words, you can now have at least 3 kingdoms completed!

November 1

Quiz on 4.1 and 4.2 tomorrow. There will be a quiz on viruses on Thursday of this week.

October 29

We finished notes on 4.2 today.  Tuesday you will have a quiz on sections 4.1 and 4.2.  Biopoems should have been submitted by now!

October 26

Biopoems on photosynthesis or cellular respiration due tomorrow!

October 25

Extra help was held today at lunch.  Tomorrow there is a test on Chapter 3. Foldables are due tomorrow as well!  Biopoems are due on Wednesday.


October 22

Chapter 3 test on Tuesday!  Extra help available at noon on Monday!

You should have submitted your reading comprehension worksheets and cellular respiration concept maps already.  As well,Chapter 3 foldables due on Tuesday.  Biopoems on your choice of photosynthesis or cellular respiration  will be due on Wednesday of next week.  You should be studying over the weekend!

October 18

We have now started into Chapter 3.  Throughout this chapter, students will be completing foldables.  Students are to use colour in their foldables.  Once completed, they should serve as study guides.  There will be a quiz on sections 3.1 and 3.2 Thursday of this week.

October 4

Quiz on 2.2 tomorrow.  Chapter 2 Test on Friday!!!!!!!

September 28

Macromolecule foldables were due today.

We started an SQ3R on section 2.2.  You will have a quiz on section 2.2 on Monday of next week.

September 27

Macromolecule foldables due tomorrow!

September 24th

Complete either the questions on section 2.1 OR the worksheet (Both sides!).

Macromolecule foldable is due on Tuesday.

September 23

By this point, you should have read through section 2.1 on macromolecules.   Macromolecule foldables will be due on Tuesday of next week.


September 20

Chapter 1 Test tomorrow.

Article Reviews due Wednesday.

ABC’s due Tuesday.


September 17

pg. 34 #s 1-12 (omit 11) for Monday.

Chapter 1 Test on Tuesday.

Article Review due on the 22nd (Wed.)

September 16

Microscope Labs due tomorrow.

Chapter 1 test on Tuesday of next week!

Article Reviews due on the 22nd.


September 15

Read over pages 15-19 to prepare for tomorrow’s lab.

Complete quesetions 1, 2, 4, 5, and 6 on section 1.3

Chapter 1 test on Tuesday of next week!

Article Reviews due on the 22nd.

September 14

Microscope quiz tomorrow.

Article review due Sept. 22nd

Chapter 1 Test early next week.


September 13

Pg. 16:  List parts of microscope and their functions in yoru notebook.

Pg. 22 #s 1, 2, 3A, 4, 5

Read pg. 742 on Biological Drawings

Microscope Quiz on Wednesday.

Article Reviews due on September 22nd.

September 9

Timelines and 7 board questions due tomorrow.

Article Reviews due on September 22nd.


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